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Headquartered in Israel, IRONSCALES is a leader in anti-email phishing technologies, providing education and training; automated phishing response, automated remediation and real-time intelligence sharing to organizations in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and power industries, among others. With the objectives to earn top tier media buzz, increase its mind share and market share, and generate leads, IRONSCALES collaborated with ARPR on an original data report that would leverage customer insights to reveal important trends and statistics about email phishing attacks.

Putting Phishing Attacks Under a Microscope

Over the course of several months, IRONSCALES’ research and development team analyzed more than 8,500 verified attacks against 500,000 mailboxes. From there, ARPR was tasked with turning the raw data into a compelling and newsworthy report. After its own analysis, including research into competitor reports, and calls with the R&D team, ARPR drafted the report, which ultimately identified trends in email phishing, such as attacker patterns, current phishing tools & techniques and emerging hacker preferences.

Understanding the potentially significant media opportunity ahead of them, ARPR first identified key reporters to pitch. The agency then drafted a press release and pitched the finalized report to over 75 media directly. In addition, ARPR created social ads on LinkedIn directing users to the report’s landing page to further the reach of the report and both generate awareness and leads. The report was gated on the landing page, so visitors’ contact information could be captured for lead generation purposes.

Syndication Solidifies Mass-Market Reach

The report garnered significant interest from the media, totaling 11 media placements in top tier and trade publications, such as Security Week, CNET, Inside Security, Help Net Security, and IT World Canada. Feature coverage in PC Mag was syndicated by Fox Business and PC Mag UK, a market IRONSCALES’ sales team is heavily focused on penetrating. Further, the editor in chief of ITSP Magazine congratulated IRONSCALES with issuing “such a well-done report.” The LinkedIn campaigns performed well above industry average, garnering over 23,000 impressions, 124 clicks and 33 social engagements in just one week. Interestingly enough, the information provided in the report was so compelling, that even IRONSCALES’ competitors referenced its findings in company blogs. With the valuable insights provided, IRONSCALES’ report will continue to be covered in the media and serve to enhance its credibility, authority and market share for months to come.

"I think spending hours a week and more than 28 months with this team says it all, but in short, I would say that ARPR is on point with what start-ups need: agility, adaptability, on the cutting-edge and results driven." - Brendon Roddas, Head of Marketing, IRONSCALES

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