40,000 impressions

0.483% click-
through rate

on Linkedin

15% YouTube
view rate

Phishing for Viewers

Cybersecurity client IRONSCALES, the first and only email security provider to combine human intelligence with machine learning, is often challenged to stand out among all of the noise in the increasingly cluttered security market. To penetrate its key messages beyond the competition, IRONSCALES filmed a one-minute video that visually showcases its innovative approach to phishing mitigation, the email security landscape, and other benefits and differentiators unique to its product. As its Agency of Record, ARPR was tasked to utilize social media to maximize viewership as a means to drive awareness and generate leads. The challenge however, was to do so on an incredibly small budget.

Bargain Shopping on Three Social Platforms

ARPR developed a two-week Ironscales Cybersecurity paid social media strategy video across three platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube – with the objectives of increasing visibility, promoting brand awareness and driving leads. With the need to target cybersecurity professionals across multiple industries, ARPR led the campaigns on each platform from planning through reporting – drafting ad copies, developing targeting, strategizing bidding and budget, making optimizations and tracking ROI. To maximize YouTube viewership, we set up the call-to-action on in-stream ads to require users to watch and then click on a text overlay that would then drive them to the Ironscales website. Twitter video ads allowed users to watch the video within their news feed and LinkedIn sponsored updates drove users to the YouTube page. In total, the budget for all three social channels was less than $1,000.

Investing Wisely Pays Off

In only 14 days, the video received nearly 40,000 impressions and double-digit social interactions across each channel. The Twitter campaign received a 44% view rate and the LinkedIn campaign received a 0.483% click-through-rate (CTR), which is 38% above LinkedIn’s average benchmark of 0.35%. The YouTube campaign, which proved to have the largest reach, resulted in a nearly 15% view rate. Through strategic targeting on YouTube, ARPR was able to drive down the average cost-per-view (CPV) to $0.04 – well under what Google considers a good average CPV of $0.10-$0.30 – meaning the video earned more views at a lower cost and provided a higher ROI. Because the initial YouTube campaign was so successful, ARPR recommended that IRONSCALES re-launch it prior to and during RSA, the world’s largest cybersecurity conference. During this 10-day time period, the ads earned a 16.47% view rate, augmenting the client’s digital marketing initiatives during this noisy event.

"If you are looking for talented, hungry and enthusiastic, friendly and professional PR team this is exactly what you’re going to get!" - Brendon Roddas, Head of Marketing, IRONSCALES

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