Increased conversion by 135% from 2018

Decreased cost per conversion 33%

Increased conversion rate 50% from 2018

The Desire to Drive Leads and Be an Email Cybersecurity Thought Leader

Looking to drive new leads into its sales funnel, IRONSCALES, a comprehensive phishing mitigation solution designed to protect organizations from cyber attacks, tasked ARPR with creating a year-long digital ad program that would produce new contacts for sales and marketing teams to nurture.

The Perfect Mix of Videos, Whitepapers & Playbooks

ARPR took a content-driven approach to drive leads into IRONSCALES’ sales pipeline, leveraging educational content in exchange for contact information from top-of-funnel prospects.?

ARPR utilized a combination of content-driven tactics on LinkedIn Ads, testing 3 different content pieces and 4 different videos across prospecting and remarketing campaigns throughout 2019.?

For prospecting, we used LinkedIn’s lead generation form ads to seamlessly collect contact information and then linked those users directly to their requested downloadable content piece.?

To build our remarketing pool and drive awareness of IRONSCALES, we used video ads. We then implemented a remarketing ad campaign geared toward website visitors that had not previously converted. These ads drove back to the highest performing content pieces from our lead generation form ads in order to move prospects into the IRONSCALES nurture funnel.

This approach provided insightful resources to IRONSCALES target personas while establishing a consultative, educational relationship with prospects initially that could be nurtured until they were ready to speak to sales and demo the IRONSCALES platform.

Increased Leads at a More Efficient Cost

Promoting relevant content on LinkedIn Ads drove 134 new leads for IRONSCALES in 2019, a135% increase in leads from LinkedIn Ads over 2018 at a cost per conversion 33% lower. Using the content-driven approach, rather than a strictly sales-driven approach, increased the conversion rate of LinkedIn Ads by 50% year over year as well.? This approach not only set up the opportunity for IRONSCALES to close new customers but also helped to establish the company as a thought leader in the email cybersecurity space.

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