Professional Writing and Editing Services


Proofreading and Copyediting

Proofreading: A proofread is a basic review of a document for glaring errors. I correct only typos, misspellings, and general punctuation. Issues with grammar may be noted, but not corrected.

Copyediting: A copyedit is a full cleanup of language, where I repair wording and structure on a sentence level. I correct grammar problems and I revise passive voice, wordiness, and vagueness. I apply guidelines based on The Chicago Manual of Style, APA Publication Manual, or AP Stylebook.

Technical Copyediting and ESL Copyediting: Technical editing is copyediting of technical or scientific material. I have experience with software, hardware, and operations. ESL copyediting is for writers who use English as a second language and need an editor to standardize their material.


Send me an email:
info [at] tougheditor [dot] com

Rates: Project estimates are based on word count and the complexity of the project.
Proofreading can average 8 to 10 pages per hour, while copyediting can average about 5 to 7 pages per hour. Word count is based on 250 words per page.

+ $26/hour for proofreading; 8-10 pgs/hr
+ $32/hour for copyediting; 5-7 pgs/hr
+ $40/hour for tech or ESL copyediting; 3-4 pgs/hr

Sample Client/Project List:

  • Sybex/Wiley & Sons:
    Web Analytics 2.0
    Insider's Guide to Hyper-V
    Advanced Painter Techniques
    Introducing 3ds Max
  • Elsevier/Harcourt-Brace:
    Medical Geology
    Animal Models of Human Behavior
  • University of Chicago Law School Record
  • Credit Union of Colorado
  • Hawaii Teacher's Association
  • freeStyle magazine
  • San Antonio Weddings magazine
  • Agnitum Security Software
  • Journal articles and book manuscripts on Secondary English Language Arts; private client
  • Master's Thesis in Physical Education and Feminist Theory; private client at University of California, Long Beach
  • Doctoral Dissertation in Economics; private client at George Washington University

Stephanie Barton;