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Because you need to use your words!

At tougheditor, I've provided editing and writing services for more than a decade. I love this work and I'd love to work with you.


As an editor, I help authors, academics, and other professionals revise and refine books, journal articles, theses, dissertations, newsletters, annual reports... you get the picture. Through proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing I can help you find your voice—I can help you use your words to their best advantage.

Editing can be a real soul crusher—nobody wants to see all those red corrections all over the page. That's why when I serve as your editor I am thorough and direct—I am tough—but I am also kind. My entire purpose is to make you look good and I want you to have a good editing experience.


As a writer, I have contributed dozens of articles to magazines and web sites; I've written press releases, copy for web ads, and more. I also wrote book chapters, a local history book, and several software manuals and guide books.

I am up for any kind of writing or content creation challenge, from delving into the world of weddings to explaining technical requirements. I enjoy taking your tough topics and turning them into easily readable, easily understandable, and if it's possible, fun content.



+ Fast turnaround

+ Competitive rates

+ Comprehensive editing

+ Clear, concise writing

+ Friendly service

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