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Substantive Editing * Writing

Substantive Editing: A substantive edit is a partial or complete revision of a document. You've done all the work, but your material needs a whole new structure. I'll revise entire segments, move paragraphs around, throw out passages, and ask you for more facts to support your claims. In substantive editing, I transform rough articles, theses, dissertations, and book chapters into content that flows.

Rate: $50 per hour

Writing: A writing project can be as brief as a newsletter article or as long as a manual. I take on the research or I build the project from info you supply: I scour books, articles, and the web and I may chat up industry experts and enthusiasts to put fresh ideas and perspectives on paper (or online, as the case may be) for you.

Rates: negotiable depending on complexity of project; starting at $65 per hour.


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